Grupul nostru de firme are acum posibilitatea sa va ofere si servicii de proiectare pentru instalatii de stingere a incendiului, de desfumare si de: semnalizare, alarmare si alertare in caz de incendiu. De asemenea va mai poate oferi servicii de instalare, intretinere a instalatiilor de limitare si stingere a incendiilor, precum si instalare si intretinere a instalatiilor de desfumare.

Ceiling heat recovery with horizontal distribution of fresh air CYXHD series

The device is attached to the ceiling, which means that it takes no space inside and does not affect the decor. Function control and remote operation. Vents for both round and square wind circulation


Heat recovery with fresh air distribution, installation series upright CYXHL

Static heat exchanger installed inside; energy recovery rate exceeding 70% hot-cold load (room temperature) is not influenced by the fresh air, the energy required for processing decreases considerably refreshed air, used to enhance the efficiency and reduce energy consumption.


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