Grupul nostru de firme are acum posibilitatea sa va ofere si servicii de proiectare pentru instalatii de stingere a incendiului, de desfumare si de: semnalizare, alarmare si alertare in caz de incendiu. De asemenea va mai poate oferi servicii de instalare, intretinere a instalatiilor de limitare si stingere a incendiilor, precum si instalare si intretinere a instalatiilor de desfumare.
Why us?

Our company is part of the LIFTCON GROUP and came from the desire to offer in Romania, very competitive applications for heating and cooling technologies.

Principle of operation of geothermal heat pumps is simple but the maximum efficiency, so that for 1kw of electricity consumed, can get 5 kW thermal energy (heating or cooling).
Therefore, operating costs are the lowest possible is necessary for functioning of the heating and cooling energy only electrics.Heating / cooling sistems and conventional air conditioners and inverters even have a coefficient of 3.5 maximum productivity (the 1 kW of electricity consumed, can get up to 3.5 kW of heat)

The cooling cycle is basically the reverse of the heating cycle. The direction of the refrigerant flow is changed by the reversing valve. The refrigerant picks up heat from the house air and transfers it directly, in DX systems, or to the ground water or antifreeze mixture. The heat is then pumped outside, into a water body or return well (in an open system) or into the underground piping (in a closed-loop system). Once again, some of this excess heat can be used to preheat domestic hot water.
A ground-source heat pump uses the earth or ground water or both as the sources of heat in the winter, and as the "sink" for heat removed from the home in the summer. For this reason, ground-source heat pump systems have come to be known as earth-energy systems (EESs). Heat is removed from the earth by using a liquid, such as ground water or an antifreeze solution; the liquid's temperature is raised by the heat pump; and the heat is transferred to indoor air. During summer months, the process is reversed: heat is taken from indoor air and transferred to the earth by the ground water or antifreeze solution. A direct-expansion (DX) earth-energy system uses refrigerant in the ground-heat exchanger, instead of an antifreeze solution.
Geothermal heat pumps can be used for residential and industrial purpose with environmental impact  zero.

They can be integrated with power generation system (solar panels, photovoltaic or wind) to convert spaces in areas that use energy independent, with operating costs zero.




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