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Geothermal Heat Pumps 3 in 1 (hot water, heating, cooling) 6 KW Model TEKW06-Recommended for space of 70 square meters (H: 2.8 m)

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Geothermal heat pump is very efficient and saves energy due to cooling or heating system that using a geothermal source, also called ground source energy, taking energy from soil with groundwater, surface water, or ground-mounted tubes. Surface is a source of enormous solar collecting 47% of the total energy that reaches the earth. This is 5000 times the total annual energy consumed by humans.

Soil temperature energy source is relatively stable throughout the year. Ambient temperature is higher than lower than in winter and summer ambient temperature. This feature makes the energy from the heat pump is more efficient than traditional heating and cooling systems. With little power consumption, heat pump ground source energy, energy turns into heat low thermal temperatures high. Thus, the heat from the ground and increase temperature to provide heating in winter and the indoor indoor heat and release it in summer soil with water. (See the picture below)

Geothermal Heat Pump 3 in 1 provides up to 6.4 kW thermal cooling or heating capacity using 1 kWh of electricity. Ground source energy is relatively stable, ie first groundwater temperature (9-10 m) is between 15 degrees Celsius in summer and 13 degrees Celsius in winter and the cooling coefficient of performance COP of the heat pump and heating Technocon 3 to 1 from 5.4 to 6.4, in certain circumstances (see picture)

C.O.P. [W/W]

tc \ te -20 -15 -10 -5 0 5 10
30 1.96 2.51 3.15 3.90 4.78 5.82 7.07
35 1.64 2.12 2.68 3.34 4.09 4.97 6.00
40 1.36 1.78 2.27 2.84 3.50 4.25 5.13
45 - 1.47 1.90 2.39 2.97 3.62 4.37
50 - - 1.56 1.99 2.49 3.06 3.71
55 - - - 1.64 2.07 2.56 3.12
60 - - - - 1.69 2.11 2.60
65 - - - - 1.35 1.72 2.13

tc - heating temperature (radiator / floor)

I - water / soil temperature

TEKW series geothermal heat pump 3 in 1 advantages are that is developed and based on international technology using a known brand Panasonic decompression (up to 2 pieces / unit), cooling control system, computer control panel, integrated design. Suitable for villas, apartments, offices, etc.Pompele dinseria TEKW can work with radiators, fan or heating water system pardoseala.Temperatura 70 degrees Celsius.

The size is compact with a height less than 1 m and occupies less than 1.5 ㎡ and can be installed easily.

High efficiency, low operating cost COP is up to 5.4-6.4, 40% higher than traditional power and operating cost is only 50% of normal power air conditioning, extremely fiabile.Au in part INVERTER which increases the life of the product, VRV EXPANSION valves, SWEP plate heat exchanger / Danfoss, Wilo pump, electronic control module MITSUBISHI,

Environmentally friendly heat pump can replace a winter without central heating or loss of gas emissions, waste or waste water. Greatly reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Have an attractive, compact, quiet and use a cooling system R410A environmentally friendly.

Easy installation and convenient operation of heat pumps is required execution of two shallow wells to groundwater Tackles (9-10 m depth) at a distance of at least 6m apart, compact size and light weight geothermal heat pump installation easier , handling and maintenance. Is ready for use after connection to electricity and water. Water pump is included for easy installation Integrated design eliminates possible damage to components. Advanced microcomputer control system and fully automated control functions and high and low pressure protection, overeating, insufficient voltage, low temperature, etc. Error alarm and display display. Reversing valve is included to simplify installation supply system.


Technical specifications


- 4 capacities (6kW, 14kW, 19kW, 26Kw on heating, 5kW, 12kW, 18KW, 24KW on cooling)

- Operation required by 2 shallow wells (first aquifer), one culvert to provide the required flow of water and one re-injection to allow soil water

- Equipped with touch screen remote control

- How order by SMS GPRS (optional)

- Soundproofing mounting in areas inhabited



Additional information

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